Editorial Assistance with Product Testing

Editorial Assistance with Product Testing

My lovely assistant Eleanor had the pleasure of trying some products this issue: check out her verdicts below, and see the current issue for the Professional Judges’ star ratings..


Shelli Lip Balm:


Starting with the packaging of the lip balm, it came in a small cloth bag which protects it and looks great if being given as a gift. I absolutely love the idea of the natural shell made into a clasp holding the balm, and even better including a small mirror inside. The lip balm itself had a subtle smell of coconut, it was soothing, protective, and moisturising. Overall I can not fault this product!

Tea Tree Moisturiser: 


As a moisturiser it is very effective and seemed to heel and protect skin from harsh weather. The smell of the moisturiser was strong and lasted throughout the day. Mum used it on her feet and thought it was great, and really helped to heel her cracked and damaged skin, however for a hand cream she found that the smell was too strong.

Yoga Oils:


Loved the packaging, and how it was made from recycled materials and designed so that no glue was needed. The roll on idea was excellent, meaning you were able to use it anywhere on your body to the best effect. Ground: Soothing Lavender-like fragrance with calming effect. Mum has used it at bed time to help her sleep – it seems to work. Balance: Has a more sharper fragrance, which I found great for clearing my head when suffering with a cold.  Salute: I have been using this one the most as I have been studying hard for my A levels and have found it does have a calming effect. 




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