Can Coca-Cola ever be ‘green’?


Can Coca-Cola ever be ‘green’?

Have you heard that the most recognised soft drink brand in the world is going green? What does this actually mean though? Well, the packaging for starters has taken a re-vamp… so instead of red for this new drink ‘Cola Life’ – it will be… you guessed it – Green!

So when it comes to a drink being this colour, do you personally associate it with health, wellbeing and nature? Or are you still fully aware that by choosing a soft drink you are choosing the less healthier option despite the brand or colour?

How about the name Cola Life? Does this conjure wellbeing? Or are you still fully aware you are consuming more sugar than your body needs per serving?

Well, it is the change in sugar content that has encouraged the green image… Stevia is the sugar substitute being used in Cola Life, and this is promoted as a ‘natural’ ingredient. It is still essentially sugar water that is being consumed – and this is an individual choice to drink soft drinks – but be clued up enough that no matter the packaging or promotion it is still about a quarter of a child’s daily intake of sugar packed into just one can… around four teaspoons.



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