Amanda Hamilton’s Advice


Amanda Hamilton’s Advice

Here are HTM, we like to keep you abreast of all industry news that will help improve your life and your business.

One great way to stay in the loop is to sign-up to newsletters. Amanda Hamilton has a great news letter and online offers that we have been reviewing for a while, and well, we think you’ll like her advice on nutrition.

Amanda Hamilton is one of the UK’s most popular nutritionists and health gurus, contributing regularly to TV, press, online and public sector. She also runs her own health clinics, online diet system and healthy holiday company. And she’s a mum, lives by the beach and works out. A lot…

She has a lot of knowledge, and shares it in a warm way, which is always nice, when you feel like you are receiving a mass Newsletter, and that it is still has a personal touch.

Summer is a great time and incentive to think more about your diet and life in general. WE have some great recipes on HTM site too, plus articles on nutrition, so have a look around, and then you can also register for Amanda’s newsletter and offers by heading to her website:





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