Are USBs secure to use?

are usbs secure

Are USBs secure to use?

When it comes to technology, the world is moving in super advance directions – and it is really important to get abreast of these developments, as well as the downfalls that come along with them. As a businessperson in the holistic industry, you may not feel that computers, and equipment are your areas of expertise… and this is absolutely fine – however, it is vital that you stay safe in every area of your business.

HTM have published an article in a past issue about online security… and it may well get posted online in the future, as these points can help you stay secure over the Internet, in an age when the web and online correspondence, including social networking comes with dangers as well as benefits.

The latest concerns include the exchange of information when using USB sticks. The BBC reported recently in an article that ‘Cyber-security experts have dramatically called into question the safety and security of using USB to connect devices to computers.’ Continuing that… ‘ -this latest research demonstrated a new level of threat – where a USB device that appears completely empty can still contain malware, even when formatted. The vulnerability can be used to hide attacks in any kind of USB-connected device – such as a smartphone.’

HTM urge you to read the entire article written By Dave Lee, as part of your up-to-date business awareness, and in a bid to keep us all safe and secure: BBC – ‘USB ‘critically flawed’ after bug discovery, researchers say’

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