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It isn’t always easy to design a suitable logo for your company. The ideal design may become apparent straight away, or it may take extensive time and resources to create the perfect one.

One thing’s for sure – for those that order letterheads online alongside the wide range of other forms of print marketing, the right logo is essential. It effectively sets the stage for your brand, and is one of the things that your clients and customers will best remember you by.

Here are a few tips to ensure you get your logo right first time out.

Make it timeless

An effective logo should barely need to be changed for decades. Swerve clear of designs that are simply ‘trendy’ or unlikely to retain their relevance over time. Good examples of ‘no no’ design features include gradients, drop shadows and overly stylized fonts.

Make it distinctive

It isn’t always easy to deviate from the norm, and you may be wary of an overly bold design that differs from what is usual in your industry. Indeed, certain industries may not often use a logo at all on their letterheads – instead just the company name in a stylized font. However, a unique logo can imprint a very powerful ‘stamp’ on clients’ minds.

Make it simple

Just think of the logos of some of the world’s most renowned brands: McDonald’s, Target, Nike. They’re all simple and instantly identifiable with their parent companies. Given how much people are bombarded by images every day, it’s often those profound, simple motifs that make the biggest impact and are the easiest to recall.

Make it versatile

There are so many areas where you could place your logo. It’ll obviously be on your website, business cards and letterheads, of course, but it could also show up on branded stationery or clothing. If you decide to sponsor a major event any time soon, you will want to make sure that everyone remembers your logo.

…but don’t overthink it

With all of the above, it might seem that there’s so much to think about when designing a business logo. You don’t necessarily need to incite an overpowering emotion with your logo, and if the design is being revised 10 times or more, you might just be overthinking the process a bit.

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