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Holistic Health Magazine is a unique. It’s the first quarterly interactive digital magazine designed to inspire, motivate and educate people on all aspects of health. We take a deeper look at the key elements that make us happy, healthy and successful – a combination of physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects, for a whole person approach.

With contributions from leading authorities from the entire spectrum of medicine, health and well-being, real-life stories, practical techniques, self-help ideas, new discoveries and ancient traditions, Holistic Health Magazine blend expertise and the latest thinking in a fresh and accessible format.

Holistic Health magazine’s is truly the first of its kind, creating a platform which encompasses the full spectrum of holistic health and well-being at its best. Subscribe to our digital magazine below…

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Issue 3

Welcome to our third issue of Holistic Health Magazine,

I guess for each of us, good health means something different. For some, it’s about feeling full of energy and glowing with health; an Instagram-perfect life of yoga poses in tiny shorts and bowls filled with raw vegetables. Others would settle for not feeling tired or in constant pain.

In this country, we’re lucky that a lot of the things that kill people or make them ill have been eradicated. We have clean water and few disease-bearing insects. For the most part, we have enough to eat, without fear of an outbreak of some epidemic or other. Many diseases have been eradicated and, thanks to scientific advances, many things that used to kill us can now be treated.

Yet after decades of improvements in average lifespan, we’re starting to go backwards. We’re putting a strain on the health service, because, on the whole, we’re not eating food that’s good for us, we’re not getting enough exercise and we’re developing a host of associated lifestyle diseases and mental illnesses, because of the way we live now. Our sedentary lifestyles, our box-set binges, welded to our phones and social media, eating processed foods and empty calories do us no favours when it comes to our long-term health. We develop stress, anxiety, or depression, we munch our way to diabetes and obesity, our hormones become unbalanced and our gut health becomes erratic.

For me, this is where holistic healthcare offers huge advantages over an allopathic approach. Yes, we can be prescribed pills that eventually improve our mood, we can take pills that bind fat or speed up our metabolisms, we can even have surgery to remove fat or staple our stomachs, but none of these treatments is without risk and – more importantly – none of them helps us to change our underlying behaviours or the choices we make which sometimes lead to poor health or a state of unhappiness. And that’s the key here: lifestyle diseases are a result of the choices we make. Where we have a choice, we can change our minds. We can choose to become healthier, and that’s why we’re here to help.

In this issue, we’re looking at some of the latest health research as well as obesity, the impact of social media on wellbeing and fibromyalgia. We’ve got some yoga poses which are ideal for beginners, an introduction to Reiki and the Finnish concept of Sisu. We’re also looking at Ikigai, which is the Japanese approach to a long life lived well. You’ll find lots of interesting ideas to help you make better choices along the way, because small changes can make a big difference.

We hope this issue inspires you on your own journey towards better health and wellbeing.


Alison and Everyone at Holistic Health Magazine


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