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Points for CPD

Jane Sheehan discusses the relevance of CPD in holistic therapy When I first started doing reflexology and foot reading, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) was something that your accountant did.  A professional belonged to a professional body and to remain a member, they would have to show that they had continued their development through a formalised system.  This was such a tradition that even HM Customs and Revenue recognised CPD, thus allowed tax relief. More recently, holistic therapy associations have recognised the [...]

nurse your business

Nurse your Business

David Balen provides valuable advice on how to avoid your business from weakening or becoming terminally ill It is easy to think of your financial platform for earning a living as a “practice” rather than a “business”.  However, as discussed in a previous article for HTM there is a difference between your practice and business (Issue 4).  For me, business is an exchange mechanism for goods or services.  You trade time, knowledge, experience but above all, you share and communicate [...]

just holistic

Just Holistic

The Therapist:  Hannah Lewis B.Ost is a fully qualified and registered Osteopath, and the founder and director of Simply Osteo and owner of Just Holistic Therapy Rooms. The Story: This is my story on why I chose Osteopathy, setting up my own businesses, and my struggles and successes along the way…. All before the age of 26! The Dream: As a child, gymnastics was my passion, I represented the United Kingdom aged nine and trained almost daily around my school life. [...]

self employed-business

Marketing on a Shoestring…

Rachel Fairweather has been earning a living from massage for twenty years from an organisation that started on a shoestring. In this article she shares how you can do the same Nothing seems designed more to strike fear into the heart of your average therapist than the word “marketing”. The term seems to conjure up images of huge departments of creative gurus, glossy brochures, expensive web campaigns, and yes, money, money, plus more money – big budgets, which as a [...]

spa verses mobile therapy

Spa V Mobile

Alison Gibbs balances the pros and cons of the different fields of trading as a therapist From my years of experience as a therapist, my ethos in all areas has been ‘client care’ – with the aim of leaving a client feeling better about themselves in accordance with their treatment or environment. This allows a personal approach and ultimately a relationship to build over time. Working in a hotel spa, I found I could introduce indigenous treatments and give a taster [...]


Warming foods for Chilly Weather

Karen Watins shares knowledge on foods to create inner warmth during the chilly months With chilly mornings and evenings, lots of us are pulling on jumpers and jackets to keep warm. In addition to these extra layers, there are a few dietary tips that can help boost circulation and prepare for the cold months ahead. Chillies There are some ‘super-foods’ that really can enhance circulation. Top of the list would have to be cayenne pepper or chilli powder, which is a wonderful [...]