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Network it

Marketing consultant and founder of FindNetworkingEvents.com, Stuart Russell, shares the importance of networking as a marketing tool Running your own therapy business doing the thing you love can be a great way to way to earn a living, but as with any business it still requires promotion to ensure a steady stream of customers. Unfortunately, for many of you this can be seen as a chore and is often neglected. However, there is a way that marketing can be fun. Over [...]

business clinic

HTM’s Business Clinic at camexpo

Holistic Therapist Magazine has been a platform and source of advice for therapist since January 2012 now, and our most important purpose is to make business subjects easily understood and accessible to you – the practitioner – our reader – so that you can continue working your magic in the Holistic industry. We have always supported the camexpo, and are proud to announce that we have partnered up with them this year to bring to you the brand new Business [...]


Be Bold in Business

Most of us working in the holistic industry have similar mindsets – this obviously doesn’t mean we are all cloned, but that we enjoy the same kind of things, the same lifestyles, and have a warmth towards helping others. Whilst it is super important to be kind, and helpful, when it comes to business it is also vital to be bold: When it comes to setting your goals, set them high, and believe you can achieve them. Give yourself regular confidence [...]

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Branding More than Just your Business Card

When it comes to marketing, there are ways that you can get your brand name out there to potential and existing customers without spending a penny, but sometimes it is worth allocating a budget – even if it is a small one – to some marketing or promotional ideas… especially the good and effective ones. A great way to remind customers that you exist is by having branded merchandise. Remember don’t go crazy on branded stuff, but there are lots [...]

father's day promotion

Father’s Day Promotions 2014

Sunday June 15th – A day of the year when we can celebrate the male of the species – our dads, step-dads, husbands, and guardians. It is also a perfect opportunity for business promotions.   5 TIPS: Ensure the promotions are sincere. Ensure the promotions are relevant. Ensure you have enough time to promote the promotion. Ensure you have enough manpower to execute the promotion. Ensure you have fun, but stay professional during your promotion.   5 STEPS: Decide on your promotion. Ensure you have enough time to contact potential [...]


Happy Holistic Christmas

Hello therapists! Winter is well and truly bedded in now – after such a long and glorious summer it’s been hard to let go of the sunshine but the chilly nights are the perfect excuse to wrap up warm, curl your hands around a comforting mug of hot chocolate and snuggle up with a copy of Holistic Therapist Magazine while the wind blows outside. There’s a brand new issue out in the New Year, packed with indispensable business advice [...]