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nurse your business

Nurse your Business

David Balen provides valuable advice on how to avoid your business from weakening or becoming terminally ill It is easy to think of your financial platform for earning a living as a “practice” rather than a “business”.  However, as discussed in a previous article for HTM there is a difference between your practice and business (Issue 4).  For me, business is an exchange mechanism for goods or services.  You trade time, knowledge, experience but above all, you share and communicate [...]


Issues with Communication

This article has previously been published in a past print issue of Holistic Therapist Magazine, it is such valued advice, that we wish for our online readers to benefit from the expertise of the Managing Director of Balens Ltd, David Balen, who provides advice on overcoming issues with client relationships How you verbally communicate directly with your clients will have an impact upon the success or otherwise of your business.  Most therapists and Natural Health-Professionals tend to run small business [...]

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Remember the Business Clinics!

Not long now until camexpo 2014: We have lots of posts about the event, so have a look around the site and remember HTM have teamed up with camexpo to offer therapists a fantastic opportunity to take part in the Business Clinic. The Business Clinic runs over both days with following experts in their fields: Geoff Simons:The Private Practitioner – is there any help out there? David Balen: Risk management for you and your business Olga Agbaimoni: Everything you ever wanted to know about [...]


New Year Issue 2014: Out Now!

Congratulations to Amy, on her first issue as Managing Editor of HTM … Now busy working on a Spring issue for all of you lovely readers, here is her Editor Letter for the current Holistic Therapist Magazine… Subscribe today for more news, business and health in the industry’s No.1 Business Guide. (Cover credits: Tina and MUA: Jolina O’Hair) Dear therapist, Welcome to the latest issue and Happy New Year! It’s my first issue as the new editor and I’ve been absolutely loving working [...]