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5 Free Business Apps

We are fully aware that technology plays a big part in the modern world, especially in business. So to help you get even more business savvy we have chosen five free business apps for you to download on your mobile device: 50 Business Lessons: These lesson are based around the fundamental ethos that, Almost all businesses have the same priority: growth. 5 Minute Business Plan: Create your personalised Business Plan in just 5 minutes on your mobile device. Create an unlimited number of business [...]

business and family

Balancing Business with Family

A great article reading for HTM by Louise Jensen… mother, practitioner and businesswoman: Background The decision to return to work after an enforced break following a car accident was easy.  Dealing with the practical issues of this choice though has at times, left me feeling so frazzled I need a therapist, oh wait, I am a therapist! Prior to my accident I really had been following my dreams.  Years training in therapies I had absolute conviction in, allowed me to practice confidently [...]

arches of feet

Education on Foot Arch Pain

A leading expert in holistic alternatives has created a website that gives visitors an understanding of what causes pain in the arch of the foot and what can be done to relieve this pain. A short video helps to visualize the problem and some possible solutions. The owner of the site has been a student of holistic alternatives to relieve body pain and discomfort for many years and wants to share her insights through her new website, footarchpain.net… The site owner [...]

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Do I need a Re-brand?

People are often scared by change, especially in business, but it is important to refresh and move with trends and technology. Re-branding your business may come out of expansion or necessity, perhaps you’ve moved location or maybe you’ve qualified in a new treatment and your current branding doesn’t fit with the range of services you now offer, or maybe you have decided to join the whirlwind offered by the world wide web; joining FaceBook, Twitter, getting a web site [...]

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HTM’s Business Clinic at camexpo

Holistic Therapist Magazine has been a platform and source of advice for therapist since January 2012 now, and our most important purpose is to make business subjects easily understood and accessible to you – the practitioner – our reader – so that you can continue working your magic in the Holistic industry. We have always supported the camexpo, and are proud to announce that we have partnered up with them this year to bring to you the brand new Business [...]


When should you consider counselling?

National Counselling Society: There are some events that happen in peoples’ lives that may force them to consider getting some counselling. Of course, it is quite a personal thing and some individuals might prefer not to seek a counsellor. So, when should you think about getting some therapy? Emotional times Often, the times that people are most open to getting some counselling is when they have had a particular emotional upheaval. This can be anything from a relationship breaking down to grieving [...]