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The Editor’s Verdict: Product Panel

Weleda Arnica Massage Oil, £9.95 for 100ml This oil smells divine and really feels like it’s working deep in the muscles when it’s massaged in. I used it to relieve tension in my shoulders and it feels rich and luxurious but leaves no oily residue. 5  stars   Mirabilia Organic Olive Leaf Tea, £4.69 Available online and at all branches of Planet Organic This tea was a wonderful taste surprise! Delicate, flavourful and refreshing, it makes a perfect hot drink whether you want a pick-me-up or a comforting cup [...]


Editorial Assistance with Product Testing

My lovely assistant Eleanor had the pleasure of trying some products this issue: check out her verdicts below, and see the current issue for the Professional Judges’ star ratings.. Eleanor Shelli Lip Balm: FIVE STARS Starting with the packaging of the lip balm, it came in a small cloth bag which protects it and looks great if being given as a gift. I absolutely love the idea of the natural shell made into a clasp holding the balm, and even better [...]