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Acknowledgement, Forgiveness, Love & Gratitude.

The Vanuatu people from the south pacific believe that secrecy is what gives power to the illness. When the error is confessed, it no longer has power over the person. They call this healing method Hoʻoponopono.Arch-Angel Michael came to me over a period of 2 years and taught me how to use the healing and restorative powers of Acknowledgement, Forgiveness, Love and Gratitude. It is very similar to Ho-oponopono but engages all of the senses when used in the ‘Angel [...]

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Inspirational Mainstream Music

Music is amazing isn’t it? It has such positive… and sometimes negative effects on us. It can conjure so much emotion, memories and more… and it can really inspire too … as therapists you will probably have your own personal tastes as well as music that is more generically relaxing for clients to listen to during practice, or therapy sessions. Here are some mainstream songs that are uplifting and will get you ready for the rest of the week at [...]


Make the Best of the British Summer

July always feels like it is smack in the middle of the British season of heat waves, the odd rainstorm and multi-coloured skies… It maybe as unpredictable as ever, but don’t let that stop you enjoying the great British summer. Here are five fun ways to get your outdoor exposure: Be at One: Visit the local nature reserve, climb a tree, read a book under a tree, or simply sit and be at one with the trees. Have Fun: Play a [...]


5 Ways to Love Your Self First

Always there for others? Willing to help anybody? To share and to love ? Well, love starts with YOU first… remember to love and be kind to yourself and it will be a lot easier to do these things for others… Set your alarm a few minutes earlier than usual – so you can take those minutes waking up slowly, opening your eyes to the sound of the rain out side or the sun light flooding in through your window. Exercise [...]


Uncovering the UK’s Potential in Career & Love

Energy Healer Anna Kitney is on a Mission to Uncover the UK’s Potential in Career & Love Anna Kitney is the UK’s leading Master ThetaHealer® and a Thought Leader in energy healing. She sends out the message loud and clear that “we can’t just sit and wait for life to happen, we need to take control of our thoughts and live a life of abundance”.   Anna Kitney will be delivering a Theta Healing® Basic Course on Friday, 7-9 February [...]

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Smile and Wonder

We are sure that the HTM readers would like to join the whole team in congratulating the MD and his lovely partner, on the arrival of their beautiful daughter. Thank you Jessica for your smile, and for the wonder in your eyes; for reminding us that everybody was once a child, and that each and every human-being is beautiful. Importance: Of family; Of union; Of commitment; Of love; Of the purity and innocence of new life. Children bring the seemingly important [...]