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Jessica De Mattos

Good Foundation

Emily Rose teaches us how to mix our foundation for a perfect complexion If I could teach just one key aspect of makeup to the world, it would involve mixing foundation for a perfect complexion. Seamlessly perfect and invisible foundation not only creates the most beautiful complexion imaginable, it can reflect a look of absolute health. A big part of my job involves working with people who suffer from illnesses, sallow skin is just one of the physical changes they have [...]

natural makeup - emily rose

Go for a run with your makeup on

A part of balancing your work and home life is allocating time for fitness; you may not be an Olympic athlete performing to thousands of spectators, but when it comes to appearance, we all love to look camera ready. The obstacle that most of us run into is wearing makeup during a workout whilst avoiding a sweaty face meltdown. There are a few very simple tricks to applying stay-proof makeup, and the first is ‘less is more’. Sport’s makeup should [...]