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A Hollywood Star Crashed My Organic Beauty Product Website!

Twilight and Downton Abbey actress MyAnna Buring told the Daily Mail’s glossy magazine that Earthzest products helped her adult acne.  Earthzest is a micro-company that makes specialist vegan & organic skincare, and the wave of traffic from the mention in YOU Magazine crashed the website, wrecking the owner’s carefully laid plans for the week – and organic beauty entrepreneur Jackie Callow could not be happier! It’s every beauty professional’s dream – to be mentioned in the mainstream press by a [...]

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Marketing on a Shoestring…

Rachel Fairweather has been earning a living from massage for twenty years from an organisation that started on a shoestring. In this article she shares how you can do the same Nothing seems designed more to strike fear into the heart of your average therapist than the word “marketing”. The term seems to conjure up images of huge departments of creative gurus, glossy brochures, expensive web campaigns, and yes, money, money, plus more money – big budgets, which as a [...]

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Grow your Business

Annette Du Bois, the Small Business Growth Expert, and author of ‘Big Profit Thinking To Stop Your Small Business Sinking’, gives five marketing strategies to help you grow your holistic business: If you’re feeling frustrated with a crawling business, constantly competing with tightly squeezed budgets then you’re not alone – But, fear not, as there is plenty for you to look forward to in building a stronger and more sustainable business this year, even on a tight budget. Any business relies [...]

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Flyers that will FLOP!

MISTAKES THAT WILL MAKE YOUR FLYER MARKETING CAMPAIGN A FLOP… Contrary to the popular image of flyer printing being a poor quality alternative to a ‘proper marketing campaign’, it can actually bring you hugely positive results. Think about it: everyone’s talking about how digital marketing is the way to go these days, but how many social media posts or emails from random companies do you even take the time to read? But if a flyer drops through your door, you’ll need [...]


Re-BOOT your Business after the World Cup

Have you been completely bombarded by the footy? Perhaps you are a fan, and welcome match after match that the World Cup brings… It can be all-consuming right? For the fans! And it means business may have suffered – clients may have cancelled opting to watch a match instead, or perhaps you closed shop up early to watch or celebrate for the team you were hoping would win? Some of you or your clients may have actually holiday in [...]

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Branding More than Just your Business Card

When it comes to marketing, there are ways that you can get your brand name out there to potential and existing customers without spending a penny, but sometimes it is worth allocating a budget – even if it is a small one – to some marketing or promotional ideas… especially the good and effective ones. A great way to remind customers that you exist is by having branded merchandise. Remember don’t go crazy on branded stuff, but there are lots [...]