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yoga nidra network

CPD 2016: Yoga Nidra Review

Last week HTM shared with the website readers that the Yoga Nidra Network has revised the online Foundation course, and as we are sharing as much CPD inspiration as possible in 2016 for all Holistic Professionals, we thought it would be a great opportunity to find out more about the practice of Yoga Nidra and how it can benefit you personally as well as in your profession. So before you read any further know that you can actually do the first [...]


New Year New You… and it’s back to the basics!

Every year is the same isn’t it? Christmas is done and dusted after the mass of preparation, and then the New Year hits, and then literally overnight we are all looking for that fresh start, that cleansing or the detoxing… This is probably because even for the healthy or mindful amongst us, the festive season is one of indulgence, and this can effect our weight, sleep quality, and skin… So for the New Year New You, it is time to [...]


Wellbeing & Happiness Show – 2015

Well it was a very cold start to January 31st with a dusting of snow here on the South Downs but this in no way reflected the extremely warm welcome on entering the Wellbeing & Happiness show.   After being greeted with big smiles from Amanda Bond and her Wellbeing team I was eager to fill up with a nice warm drink and something to eat before engaging with the days events. It was great to have some healthy choices with a [...]

back pain relief

Spine Worx

It is no news to practitioners that many clients come to us for help with back problems. The spine is crucial in our mobility, and physical and mental health – and it is essential that clients are educated just as much as us therapists are. Whilst your treatments maybe working wonders, it is a great idea to encourage good personal practice of spine health to your clients in-between each of your sessions – so that you are not just [...]

thai massage

Where would you go to Thai Massage?

Liz Phelps trained in Cheltenham ‘Just go floppy for me Liz’ says my therapist, as I lie fully clothed on a futon on the floor – a little apprehensive as what’s about to happen to me. I’ve booked my first Thai massage. As the therapist started to work, a peace descended on me and as he gently moved round my body, rocking and stretching my limbs in a continual, fluid, almost dance-like way I was transported to another realm. Every [...]

father's day promotion

Father’s Day Promotions 2014

Sunday June 15th – A day of the year when we can celebrate the male of the species – our dads, step-dads, husbands, and guardians. It is also a perfect opportunity for business promotions.   5 TIPS: Ensure the promotions are sincere. Ensure the promotions are relevant. Ensure you have enough time to promote the promotion. Ensure you have enough manpower to execute the promotion. Ensure you have fun, but stay professional during your promotion.   5 STEPS: Decide on your promotion. Ensure you have enough time to contact potential [...]