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Food at Work

Kristina Locke, MD of multi award-winning health food company, Conscious Food, shares  the key ingredient to eating at work… Just Chew It! According to a recent survey*, the average person spends just 23 minutes a day eating all three meals, so it is hardly surprising that 73% of us now suffer from some form of digestive difficulty; not to mention weight gain and malabsorption of nutrients. We need to reclaim our mealtimes and start eating more mindfully; savouring rather than [...]


Food Full of Yummiest and Colour

Charlotte Palmer of foodspecialist.co.uk shares her colourful culinary delights This stir-fry is a colourful and nutritious selection of greens, red chili, zinc-rich ginger, and refreshing limejuice. For the veggies among us, cashew nuts make a great protein substitute, along with Vitamin C rich plantain. Cooking with a medium chain fat coconut oil is a safer way to fry, and it also aides weight loss and promotes good gut health. Prawns and chicken also work really well in this dish depending [...]


Calling all holistic professionals

What modalities do you specialise in? Do you have a story to share? Or perhaps a case study? Maybe some business or holistic advice? Health advice? Remember that this magazine is a platform for holistic professionals – sharing knowledge and as a result strengthening  the industry as a whole, and encouraging each and every one of your businesses to grow and thrive. So if you would like to get involved by sharing your relevant holistic story or journey on our website [...]


Warming foods for Chilly Weather

Karen Watins shares knowledge on foods to create inner warmth during the chilly months With chilly mornings and evenings, lots of us are pulling on jumpers and jackets to keep warm. In addition to these extra layers, there are a few dietary tips that can help boost circulation and prepare for the cold months ahead. Chillies There are some ‘super-foods’ that really can enhance circulation. Top of the list would have to be cayenne pepper or chilli powder, which is a wonderful [...]


Product Review – Purple Balance

As many of you already know, balancing personal athletic and performance goals whilst maintaining a commitment to a diet that is ethical, sustainable, and wholesome, can be somewhat of a difficult task. My own training goals mean that I have to maintain a relatively high protein intake, but during the month of September I made a commitment to my body and my planet to up my intake of protein from plant based sources, limiting my consumption of protein from [...]

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The Pure Package

Mother of two, Oreke shares how the Pure Package helped her to eat sensibly after her second son was born. I have spent much of the last two years pregnant! Most mothers will confirm that their bodies get tested more than any other time in their life, during pregnancy. It is also common for many new mothers to feel that the fight to get the post-baby body back to what it was previous to pregnancy is just one of [...]