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A Hollywood Star Crashed My Organic Beauty Product Website!

Twilight and Downton Abbey actress MyAnna Buring told the Daily Mail’s glossy magazine that Earthzest products helped her adult acne.  Earthzest is a micro-company that makes specialist vegan & organic skincare, and the wave of traffic from the mention in YOU Magazine crashed the website, wrecking the owner’s carefully laid plans for the week – and organic beauty entrepreneur Jackie Callow could not be happier! It’s every beauty professional’s dream – to be mentioned in the mainstream press by a [...]

Jessica De Mattos

Good Foundation

Emily Rose teaches us how to mix our foundation for a perfect complexion If I could teach just one key aspect of makeup to the world, it would involve mixing foundation for a perfect complexion. Seamlessly perfect and invisible foundation not only creates the most beautiful complexion imaginable, it can reflect a look of absolute health. A big part of my job involves working with people who suffer from illnesses, sallow skin is just one of the physical changes they have [...]


Editorial Assistance with Product Testing

My lovely assistant Eleanor had the pleasure of trying some products this issue: check out her verdicts below, and see the current issue for the Professional Judges’ star ratings.. Eleanor Shelli Lip Balm: FIVE STARS Starting with the packaging of the lip balm, it came in a small cloth bag which protects it and looks great if being given as a gift. I absolutely love the idea of the natural shell made into a clasp holding the balm, and even better [...]