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Summertime Change

HTM asks nutritionalist Karen Watkins “What small changes could we all try out this summer?” Perhaps the most important one has to be increasing water in-take during those long hot days.  Easy tips include, taking a small bottle of water out in the morning and drinking it by lunchtime, then refilling it to drink by dinner.   Or perhaps use elastic bands around a glass as a visual reminder of how much you have left to drink.  For example, my work [...]

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Summer Fruits Jelly with Natural Yoghurt

There is no reason why you cannot enjoy a lovely fresh and healthy dessert – so here is a summery delight for you to try! Ingredients: 200g of blackberries, blueberries and apples, finely cubed 1 teaspoon of unrefined coconut palm sugar (jaggery) ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder 1 cup of water 1 teaspoon of agar agar powder 125g portion of natural Coyo coconut yoghurt Take all of the fruit and blend roughly in a food processor with the cinnamon and jaggery. Bring water, with the agar powder to [...]


Amanda Hamilton’s Advice

Here are HTM, we like to keep you abreast of all industry news that will help improve your life and your business. One great way to stay in the loop is to sign-up to newsletters. Amanda Hamilton has a great news letter and online offers that we have been reviewing for a while, and well, we think you’ll like her advice on nutrition. Amanda Hamilton is one of the UK’s most popular nutritionists and health gurus, contributing regularly to TV, press, [...]


The ultimate festival beauty checklist

Let’s be honest, festival fashion is a minefield. For every Kate Moss look-alike in designer hotpants and Hunters, there are a dozen fashion fails, from mud-skimming maxidresses to sodden onesies. And then there is the grooming. While we’d all love to channel Coachella chic with tumbling tresses and immaculate makeup, the reality is more like greasy top knot and streaky mascara. Celebrity fashionistas have it easy, with limitless budgets, personal hairdressers, and the safe haven of the VIP area to [...]

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Summertime and Chinese Medicine

July seems to have reach so fast, since June 21st – the summer solstice, and  longest day of the year. After a season of growth during spring and a gradual shift in balance, we have now entered the most yang phase of the year. We are now putting all our efforts in continuing that spurt, changing from a sprint to the marathon while also reaping the rewards of the summer season. Here in the northern hemisphere the summer months of [...]

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Issue 11 OUT NOW!

It’s summertime and time for yet another wonderful issue of Holistic Therapist Magazine… Read on to find out from the editor, Amy, what exciting articles are featured this issue. And if you still are yet to subscribe – your copy of Holistic Therapist Magazine is just a click away: SUBSCRIBE. Dear Therapist, The summer issue of HTM is all about letting yourself shine – professionally and personally. As ever, we’ve got a rich seam of sound business advice running through the magazine [...]