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#Esimbi Social Enterprise

Managing Director Jason Firmager was invited along to the Esimbi first year gala in London, to celebrate the work that founder of the social enterprise Tina Lobondi and her team have done during the past year. It is scientifically proven that helping others makes us feel good about ourselves, and this is perhaps one of the reasons that holistic therapy is such a rewarding job, even when it has challenges that all businesses and industries face. Tina is an award-winning fashion [...]

Quantum Facebook and Spiritual

Quantum Facebook and Spiritual Friend Requests

Amanda Nelson shares her experience of asking the higher self and spirit for guidance in business. As an inventor, entrepreneur and pioneer of new products I am often being told by others that what I am trying to achieve cannot be done. I’ve never yet had a failure though. If I can’t work it out, I deliberately tune into ‘Quantum Facebook’ and ask my higher self to help me find the ‘right’ higher soul to give me much needed inspiration [...]

skiing casestudy

Falling for a Miracle…

Case Study: How Jane Bromley walked and skied again, after a disastrous fall. A Simple Fall: In Feb 2012, I had a catastrophic fall. The resulting sciatica left me hardly able to walk. I literally lost all power in my right leg and was in horrible pain. I was on a skiing trip and took off my skis to walk down three steps. I simply slipped, landing on my bottom. When my friend asked, “Are you okay?” I knew I had [...]


Take your work to the workplace

Consultant aromatherapist for Base Formula Ltd, Joannah Metcalfe, offers advice on how holistic therapy services can be provided to corporate clients Even in today’s difficult economic climate forward thinking companies are recognising the importance of investing in the health and wellbeing of their staff in the belief that a happy and healthy workforce is a more motivated and productive workforce! As companies strive to become leaner, and more efficient workers are being put under increased pressure to perform, with reduced staff [...]

holsitic camexpo clinics

camexpo: Have you registered?

HTM are super thrilled to be at camexpo this year offering practitioners sessions at the business clinic. So if you have not already done so, you can register online for your ticket at camexpo, by clicking here: camexpo.co.uk … But before you do, make sure you jot this Priority Code to get your ticket for just £7.50: CMEX568. Have you been to camexpo before? If YES! you have probably already registered, if NO! Well, 2015 can be your first time [...]

back pain relief

Spine Worx

It is no news to practitioners that many clients come to us for help with back problems. The spine is crucial in our mobility, and physical and mental health – and it is essential that clients are educated just as much as us therapists are. Whilst your treatments maybe working wonders, it is a great idea to encourage good personal practice of spine health to your clients in-between each of your sessions – so that you are not just [...]