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Review: @MHFAEngland Adult Course #MentalHealth

As people in the helping profession, it is highly likely that you have been faced with situations involving mental ill health… But if you were asked to define mental health, what would you reply? Many of us have heard or used the terms; stressed, OCD, Anxiety, schizophrenia for example, but do we really know enough about #MentalHealth? And more importantly, would we be able to recognise the symptoms of mental ill health and feel confident in managing such situations? Generally, people [...]

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Q&A with Poppy Jaman CEO of Mental Health First Aid England

Q&A with Poppy Jaman, CEO of Mental Health First Aid England, non-executive director of Public Health England and Programme Director of the City Mental Health Alliance Poppy Jaman What is the main difference between physical first aid and mental first aid? And are there any crossovers? “Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an educational course which teaches people how to identify, understand and help a person who is experiencing a mental health issue. A physical first aider is trained to stop an [...]


Wellbeing & Happiness Show – 2015

Well it was a very cold start to January 31st with a dusting of snow here on the South Downs but this in no way reflected the extremely warm welcome on entering the Wellbeing & Happiness show.   After being greeted with big smiles from Amanda Bond and her Wellbeing team I was eager to fill up with a nice warm drink and something to eat before engaging with the days events. It was great to have some healthy choices with a [...]


Vitamin E and other antioxidants linked to lung cancer

Vitamin E and other antioxidants linked to lung cancer | Study finds why some supplements might be risky… I often get asked by my patients what supplements or vitamins they should be taking. I am of the opinion that the best way to get vitamins and nutrients is through your diet, through the food that you cook into a delicious meal. Now research has shown that gulping down vitamin E supplements may not be such a good idea. New preliminary research in [...]

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Mind Body Spirit Festival LONDON

The Mind Body Spirit Festival is back! And this time it brings with it the fresh air of Wellbeing. Yes! The Mind Body Spirit London Wellbeing Festival has arrived. Yes it’s a lot of words but then it’s a whole lot of Festival. Featuring a Mantra Lounge, The Yoga Monkey, The Krishna Pop up Temple, The Love Dome, Amma’s Pop Up Temple, an experiential art space, Inspiral Cafe, a free stage with over 30 hours of music and interactive [...]


Health and happiness at the click of a button?

Innovation in self-care is happening all around us, whether a gadget to tell you how many steps you’re taking everyday or monitor your eating habits, it’s clear that the future of our wellbeing is looking decidedly digital. With this in mind, health and wellbeing platform Puffell.com was created. It’s free to use, and a place for you to set yourself goals, track your progress and find advice and support along the way.  So far, so good? Digital self-care can also be [...]