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Editorial Assistance with Product Testing

My lovely assistant Eleanor had the pleasure of trying some products this issue: check out her verdicts below, and see the current issue for the Professional Judges’ star ratings.. Eleanor Shelli Lip Balm: FIVE STARS Starting with the packaging of the lip balm, it came in a small cloth bag which protects it and looks great if being given as a gift. I absolutely love the idea of the natural shell made into a clasp holding the balm, and even better [...]


Yoga teacher launches yoga oils

Yoga teacher Sinead Duffy launches Yogandha – a new range of ethically-sourced yoga oils, using substances that have been enhancing yoga for 4000 years. Early yogis knew the effect of olfaction (smell) on the brain – its immediate effect on heart-rate, breathing, the nervous system and stress-levels in the body. They used fragrant substance (barks, gums, resins) to produce a positive physiological effect on the body, boosting health, vitality, immunity, clarity, calm. The practice was called Gandha and was part of [...]